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Cloth Nappy Hire

Reusabubble CIC is  is a community led non-profit project run by volunteers.

There is no obligation to hire a kit by attending a Nappy Library meet.

● I understand that these nappies are the property of The Cornish Real Nappy Library and are on

loan to me for 1 month. All the nappies on loan are listed on the next page and these are the nappies which shall

be returned on the agreed date. There is also a photograph record of the kit contents.

● I agree to wash and care for these nappies as advised, and the volunteer has explained the process fully. I will

contact a library volunteer if I am unsure about the correct washing and drying procedure.

● I agree to wash the nappies at 60°C with non-bio powder BEFORE I use them and again before returning the kit.

Please see the attached basic washing guide.

● I will NOT use bleach, a 90°C wash, or tumble dry on these nappies as this can irreparably damage the elastics

and PUL (waterproof layer) in some of the nappies.

● I agree to pay £10 hire and £10 deposit in advance. £10 of this payment is non-refundable and I understand that

The Cornish Real Nappy Library will not use this for profit but it will be fed back into the Library. £10 will be

refunded to you on safe return of the nappies as long as they have been washed and dried according to the

instructions described on this contract and are in fair condition. (All nappy library kits are washed and checked

thoroughly before each hire). There will be amn extra charge for lost of damaged nappies.

● I agree to return the nappies on the arranged date. I understand that I will need to pay a further £10 per month if I

return the nappies later than agreed.

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